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Our Plans – What we are doing.

Glad you are here!​

NEOK J – is a decentralize Big Data analysis application on running on NEOK Chain on Stellar live-net. 80% of all data are encrypted and written into the blockchain.

A small list of things NEOK J can do.

  • Collect and store data
  • Data analysis
  • Authenticate
  • Verification
  • Trust-Line
  • Record Storage
  • Business Goals & Analysis
  • Prediction
  • Time Sheet

Why we collect this data and the GOOD.​

  • We collect data to provide analysis, so we can understand the population in Liberia and how we are doing as one people.
  • We understand the cost  to get a STATE ISSUED ID, so we use information we request from you to provide a FREE DIGITAL NEOK ID you can use anywhere in the world.
    You can use this ID to verify yourself or check another persons identification, in the case where a State issued ID is not present, lost or stolen.
  • This DIGITAL NEOK ID is always here when you need it.
  • It cannot be stolen, duplicated, or transferred.
  • 90% of the date are written on the BLOCKCHAIN, NEOK Chain make it safe from tempering.
  • This NEOK ID is not your State ID it is not a  PASSPORT.

Future analysis goals: ​

Sometime in the future we will try to help understand the population growth in Liberia, as in Birth Rate between ” Boys ” and ” “Girls”. We also want to give analysis on some medical trends, like ” past 10 hours (20) cases of (x ) were reported, from Located (x) at ( hospital).

All of these will help us understand and live a safer life with growth and development.