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& see your data in real-time.

NEOK J, data analysis for the future.

The real meaning of Flexibility Stability Usability

Integrating NEOK J into your project, importing existing data, using the API, data analysis has never been this easy.

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Highly Optimized

Information gathered are stored on NEOK CHAIN making it fast and accessible worldwide, with any device in one click.

RAYS Grid included

Providing a Digital ID you can use anywhere around the world, where needed. Your NEOK ID can can be customize to hold any data structure your business have in mind.

Challenges We Solve

Big data analysis is becoming a driving force for change in almost all the major industries. It is also changing the way of doing business. Read more


J for business, we will provide the data you will need to better understand your business, We will collect your data and provide you insights.


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We have been integrated into quite a few projects, helping businesses, fitness centers, schools, social clubs, communities and more understand their client, behavior, growth and trend. We also provide ID technology and more awesome features.  Talk with us see how we can help you